Security Engineer - ARC

Position Sumary

Support all ongoing activities that serve to provide appropriate access to and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer, employee, and business information in compliance with organization policies and standards.  A key individual contributor, with accountability for engineering a secure enterprise network and system environment.  Monitor and verify the network is appropriately protected from internal and external threats, while enabling the organization to work effectively and productively. Interface with peers in the Information Services department as well as with the leaders of the business units to both share the corporate security vision with those individuals and to solicit their involvement in achieving higher levels of enterprise security through information sharing and co-operation.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

Assist in setting the information security methodology, implementation standards, strategic plan and schedule Execute the shared security model in the current/future state blueprints. Coordinate security related architecture activities between application, data, system and network architects and engineers. Implement the central directory schema. Participate in the project process ensuring the feasibility of architectural design, and determine steps to implement engineering of design. Ensure that security solutions are acquired, configured and implemented correctly Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data residing on or transmitted to/from/through enterprise workstations, servers and other systems and in databases and other data repositories. Ensure that business strategy, IT enterprise security and implementation are aligned. Provide input to technical designs in enterprise security solutions, specifically around tools and systems that would best support the design. Recommend improvements to company’s security posture through technological, administrative, or physical controls.  Work with project teams regarding security architecture and technical implementation.

Skills & Abilities

Functional Knowledge Required:  Expertise in Information Security technologies, markets, and vendors (firewall, intrusion detection, assessment tools, encryption, certificate authority, Web, and application development).  Expertise in the execution of a security architecture design.  In depth knowledge of information security issues, trends and leading practices.  General knowledge of project management, incident management/resolution, and basic networking.

Business Expertise Required:  In depth knowledge of complex industry trends and current security issues that could impact company business.  Understanding of security implementations in outside companies and differences based on size and complexity.

Skills and Abilities Required: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience Position requires minimum of 8 years of experience in positions with a focus on technology, infrastructure, engineering, architecture and security. CISSP certification desired Experience in enterprise security engineering, design and implementation